24. June 2007, 09:53, by Silvan Mühlemann

PHP5-Entwickler im Aufstieg

TreppeIhr habt spannende Projekte, ein tolles Team, fünf Wochen Ferien… aber tut mir leid… Ihr arbeitet mit PHP… Ich möchte eher Richtung Java gehen“, hat ein Bewerber für die Software-Entwickler-Stelle seine Absage begründet.

Ich denke, das Image von PHP ist ein Problem für Unternehmen, welche PHP-Talente suchen. Erwähnt man PHP, dann kommt dem Software-Entwickler Stichworte wie “Gästebuch-Programmiersprache”, “Personal Homepage Processor”, “Spaghetti-Code”, “Sicherheitslücken in phpBB” in den Sinn.

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17. June 2007, 19:15, by Leo Büttiker

Crazy Numbers in PHP

If you’re programming php for a while you know PHP has some fancy type converting stuff. Or do you know an other programing language that can do that?

echo “10 Apple” * “10 bags” //you get 100

The trick is simple, if you do a mathematical operation on a string, PHP tries to convert it in a number. It does the number parsing of the string from the left to the right, as long it’s a number and stop afterwards. So converting of “12 number 34″ will you just get you 12. If the string do not start with a number PHP converts it to a 0. So be careful about 100/"bags 10".


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11. June 2007, 07:31, by Maarten Manders

Webtuesday: CouchDb talk by Jan Lehnardt

Tomorrow the next Webtuesday is taking place at the namics offices in Zürich, starting at 19:30. This time, Jan Lehnhardt will come for a visit and talk about CouchDb, a “distributed document database system with bi-directional replication”. For those among you who still can’t imagine what this could be, here’s a quick overview. ;-)

Thanks to Liip for sponsering his visit!

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7. June 2007, 16:24, by Maarten Manders

So what does ZFTestManager do?

Recently, I was wondering about a way to simplify unit test management. I finally stumbled over Zend Frameworks Test Manager and promised to report about my experiences.

What it does

In PHPUnit’s preferred testing architecture, every package and subpackage has it’s own testing suite in a AllTests.php script. Those testing suites can be hierarchically composed to build one big testing suite for your project.

ZFTestManager adapts to this architecture and scans your tests directory for AllTests.php to create a list of testing suites. It allows you to:

  • list all suites
  • run suites, filtered by regular expressions
  • create new suites (by creating a AllTests.php skeleton)

Furthermore, it offers a configuration file with a section for each test. There, I can define DB credentials, hosts, ports, paths and so on. Quite handy to have all config settings of my tests in one single file.

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3. June 2007, 19:44, by Maarten Manders

Hacking Your Browser History

Apparently, this hack has been around for a few months but it wasn’t before yesterday when it went all over the news: Even your browser history isn’t safe anymore. Jeremiah Grossman found a clever way to poke into a user’s browser history to check if he or she has visited a certain URI. All it takes is some Javascript code that adds a link to a URI and then checks if it has the :visited CSS pseudo-class. In fact, it doesn’t need Javascript, these guys already created a CSS version of it, exploiting the background image XSRF attack.


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2. June 2007, 16:15, by Silvan Mühlemann

tilllate IT-Team in Fotos

Schon mehr als ein halbes Jahr betreiben wir diesen Blog, doch noch nie habe ich das tilllate IT-Team vorgestellt. Holen wir dies mit ein paar Fotos nach:

IT Team Gangsta Style
Das IT-Team verschläft keine Trends: In diesem Bild posieren wir im "Gangsta-Style", welcher an Urban-Parties unter den Kids sehr beliebt ist. Maarten und Stefan fehlen auf dem Bild. Maarten ist an der Uni und saugt sich in der BWL-Vorlesung Powerpoint-Folien rein. Infrastuktur-Chef Stefan stattet den Servern einen Besuch ab.


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