31. October 2007, 10:32, by Silvan Mühlemann

Creating our AJAX photo gallery


We want you guys to be able to flickr really fast through our Supergirls, so we transformed our photo gallery into a rocket-fast AJAX-app. Keyboard addicts can use their arrow keys to navigate through the pics. Support for bookmarkable URLs and back button. Fancy script.aculo.us fades.

Ciprian, was the lead developer of that gallery. With the help of Kevin and Thilo he built this app in the last few months. Technologies? OO-PHP5 on the server side. Caching of picture queries with memcached. On the client side OO-Javascript with prototype.


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19. October 2007, 10:04, by Silvan Mühlemann

Five ways to impress at the job interview

Job interview

As CTO I often have to do job interviews. Recently, I spent two days interviewing candidates for our tilllate development center Belgrade (Yes, I am one of these brave CTOs having a distributed team :-)). So here’s five tips to impress your employer of your dreams:

Keep a low profile!

Andy writes in his CV that he’s "extemely experienced in OOP". And when I ask him why he thinks he’s so experienced OOP he tells me: "My biggest class has 25’000 lines.". Ooops. God class. Classical Antipattern. Not only he showed that he has no idea of good OOP coding style. But also he cannot judge his own skills. Once at your company he’ll be the guy grabbing every cool project but then not finishining due to missing skills. Zap. Disqualified.


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11. October 2007, 08:07, by Silvan Mühlemann

Visit of the Silverlight evangelists


There are two ways convince a company to switch to a new programming language. The old fashioned way is to send out salesperson. They get in touch with the CEO show them a few Power-Point slides, throw some buzzwords at them and voilà, Mr. Manager will introduce that new technology.

Well, he will try to introduce that new technology. In most of the cases it won’t work. Because usually the CEO looks at other things when deciding for a programming language than the development team. The dev-team won’t accept the new technology. This will slow down development and thus reduce productivity.


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3. October 2007, 21:09, by Silvan Mühlemann

Be our Gentoo-Guru!

Server close upSetup blade servers 40 and 41 via our standardized PXE based automatic installation process – Configure the Memcache extension and deploy it on our cluster – assist at the evaluation of a new VMWare solution – Program a new check for Nagios – Analyze Ganglia graphs – Optimize performance of a complex MySQL query – Give salesperson Raquel an advice on how to use the VPN software provided by Open Systems- Emerge a new PHP version via the portage system of Gentoo

If you’d enjoy doing these activities you should apply for the position of Linux Specialist. Along with our team of 13 developers and engineers you’ll help building Europe’s biggest nightlife website.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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