18. November 2007, 19:29, by Silvan Mühlemann

Peter Zaitsev of the MySQL Performance Blog speaks in Zurich

Peter ZaitsevBusy week for the open source IT pros around Zürich: On Thursday Vint Cerf will talk at Google. On Wednesday, Nov 21st tilllate is happy to announce a presentation of Peter Zaitsev of the MySQL Performance Blog. He will talk about query optimization for high traffic sites.

Peter Zaitsev was manager of the High Performance Group at MySQL Inc. He specializes in MySQL Server performance as well as in performance of application stacks using MySQL, especially LAMP. Web sites handling millions of visitors a day dealing with terabytes of data and hundreds of servers is king of applications he loves the most.

Conference appearances

His blog Mysql Performance Blog is the tilllate’s main source of knowledge about MySQL performance optimization. He and his partners of Percona write about topics like eliminating ORDER BY function or Be careful when joining on CONCAT. Peter also held presentations at all Mysql Conferences. In 2007, for example he talked about InnoDB Performance Optimization.

Invited by tilllate

This week, tilllate invited Peter to Adliswil. He will train our engineer staff so they know how to create the fastest code possible. Also we will talk about optimizing the performance of our website (if there’s something to optimize anyways :-)). Maybe it’s time to switch to InnoDB? How do we setup our new database cluster?

The webtuesday is free

The presentation of Peter is open for anyone. And it’s free. The presentation will take 30′-60′ and will be followed by a Q&A. It will happen at namics near the Hauptbahnhof in Zurich. You don’t have to sign up. Just watch the webtuesday website or this blog.

So: Which presentation to choose? Vint or Peter? I’d say both. But if you want to get a chance to ask questions, then join us on Wednesday. Because with 200 people going to Vinton’s talk, your chances are very low to get your question answered.

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  1. […] MySQL Performance Blog’s Peter Zaitsev is going to come over in the tilllate office this week to coach us in MySQL performance stuff. Since he’s here anyways, we’re gonna sponsor a public presentation tomorrow for everybody to profit from his wisdom. […]

    Pingback by Peter Zaitsev in Zurich : O RLY? — 20. November 2007 @ 09:26

  2. More promotion of such events would be quite helpful. It makes no sense to inform intrested people after the event has happend – it should be done right in time before the event starts.

    Comment by Horst Brugger — 5. December 2007 @ 06:13

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