20. November 2007, 09:47, by Leo Büttiker

Google is not enough

google is not enough - the movieGoogle has probably the biggest web-cluster on earth. But sometimes that’s just not enough. But let me start from the beginning.

After we launched the new AJAX-Gallery it was clear that it was a big success. But are we able to measure this success? It shouldn’t be a big problem, we have several statistic tools to measure how many pages we deliver. For the Swiss part of tilllate we use WEMF NetMetrix to get official numbers, our own tool (“Prince analytics”) to answer some questions we can’t with other tools and at the end the Google Analytics to answer our daily questions.

So as my co-worker Ciprian started to collect all this data he gets three different graphs. Not a bit different, very different. After some time we found out that we made a mistake with our own tool. This issue fixed WEMF and “Prince analytics” showed the same graph. But still, Google Analytics only show around half the numbers. The overall graph was correct, but the results of the drilldown on our gallery were wrong.

That when it gets interesting. Just because I hadn’t any other idea I joked around and said that Google might not be able to track all request to our page a just put them in the big bin labeled “other” where we have the most hits. After searching in the help center of Google Analytics we found out that google labeled every url with ‘other’ ‘when the daily database limit has been reached’. But what’s the ‘daily database limit’? After some research we found out that these are currently 50’000 unique urls for us. Not enough for us. We have around the double for our bigger countries. So we reduced the page views by reducing the query parameters. We don’t track the search parameters anymore. We don’t track which gallery is called and reduced some other parameters. Now we’re able to track all our views again.

Sometimes the biggest cluster is just not enough for us ;-)

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  1. Wow, you are using google analytics? Isn’t it slowing down your pages? Every time a page is slow I use, the status bar inidcates “google analytics loading”…

    Comment by 2ni — 20. November 2007 @ 10:33

  2. Big clusters aren’t enough for great minds =)

    Comment by Cle` — 23. November 2007 @ 14:44

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