30. December 2007, 23:49, by Silvan Mühlemann

Holiday season: The best time to… work

Christmas TreeFor me, the time around Christmas and New Year is the best time of the year. Of course, there’s the peaceful family reunions around the christmas tree. The cozy evenings at home on the couch. Or days where you can shamelessly sleep in. In my case I am expecting my son Orell who should be born anytime.

But stop: This is a business related blog. And so I am not talking about my private life. When I say “the best time of the year” I am thinking about work. There’s no better time of year for not taking vacations. Here’s why:

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20. December 2007, 11:30, by Vladimir Tišma

Graceful degradation of AJAX controls (Thank You Tube)

In many companies, management decides to setup a web proxy server to be able to control/disable the non-busines-related content. YouTube could probably be blamed for many hours spent doing non-business stuff.

Well, I use YouTube myself. Sometimes when taking a break and sometimes to listen to music that goes with the video, and you don’t have to watch it at all, but it’s probably the fastest way find and listen to a certain song if it’s available. Well, this time, YouTube will be a critical factor to finding the elegant solution.


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14. December 2007, 18:35, by Silvan Mühlemann

Meet our Belgrade Superstars

As you might know, tilllate has a development team in Belgrade: Sanja, Ivan, Vanja and Vladimir. Skype and video conferences are nice. But it’s nicer to be able to meet in person: So to get them accustomed to the tilllate groove every serbian developer spends a few weeks in our office in Switzerland.

Meet Vladimir and Ivan:

Vladimir and Ivan (small)

Looks like working on fresh and clean TREVI code is quite enjoyable. (Trevi is our new Zend Framework based framework). In the red circle, Trevi project manager Maarten is stretching after committing the newest Sphinx config files.

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6. December 2007, 13:43, by Mario Rimann

Building the fundament of our Corporate Network

We’re currently building up a corporate network for tilllate. This is about having VPN secured connections between our locations (the office, the data center, mobile users), clear splitting of internal and external hosts. We’re realizing this project with strong support of Open Systems which are specialized in this topic.

After weeks of planning and hundreds or versions of the network layout, we could install the first stuff yesterday. The guys from Open Systems pre-configured all the devices and brought them to the data center – where Stefan and I met them to install it.

First step was to get an overview on all the devices and cables. Thank god the fence around our cage was not built yet and we had enough space to distribute everything on the floor and bring it into some order.

Getting an overview

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4. December 2007, 20:33, by Silvan Mühlemann

What motivates your programmer?

We’d like to deliver great products on tilllate.com. For great products you need motivated developers. So recently, Leo, Stefan, Maarten, Mario and me did a brainstorming about “what motivates programmers”. Here are the results:

1. Offer him the best type of work

Avoid giving finished specs to your developer. Let him do the specifications himself. Let him do the technology selection. Let him define the architecture. Give him challenging tasks to do on technologies he has never used before. Keep routine and maintenance work from him (nevertheless, someone has to do those tasks).


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