6. December 2007, 13:43, by Mario Rimann

Building the fundament of our Corporate Network

We’re currently building up a corporate network for tilllate. This is about having VPN secured connections between our locations (the office, the data center, mobile users), clear splitting of internal and external hosts. We’re realizing this project with strong support of Open Systems which are specialized in this topic.

After weeks of planning and hundreds or versions of the network layout, we could install the first stuff yesterday. The guys from Open Systems pre-configured all the devices and brought them to the data center – where Stefan and I met them to install it.

First step was to get an overview on all the devices and cables. Thank god the fence around our cage was not built yet and we had enough space to distribute everything on the floor and bring it into some order.

Getting an overview

The next step was then to mount all the devices into the new rack and do the whole cabling which took some hours. All cables are labeled and it’s almost impossible to mess it up now.

On the image below, you see the rack when we finished the installation. Don’t complain about the cabling – it won’t stay like this (but the real rack-to-rack cabling didn’t arrive yet).

Here’s Stefan (aka “Mister Masterplan”) which looks quite happy on this image – so everything seems to work out well!

Stefan and the Rack

Next steps will be to install the final rack-to-rack cabling, the security gateways in our office in Adliswil and migration of all existing hosts to the new corporate network. And in addition we’ll have to move all servers into the new racks in the data center. So december will be a quite busy month with some night action (best time for server move is between 2:00 and 6:00 in the morning)

We’ll try to keep you updated!

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