14. December 2007, 18:35, by Silvan Mühlemann

Meet our Belgrade Superstars

As you might know, tilllate has a development team in Belgrade: Sanja, Ivan, Vanja and Vladimir. Skype and video conferences are nice. But it’s nicer to be able to meet in person: So to get them accustomed to the tilllate groove every serbian developer spends a few weeks in our office in Switzerland.

Meet Vladimir and Ivan:

Vladimir and Ivan (small)

Looks like working on fresh and clean TREVI code is quite enjoyable. (Trevi is our new Zend Framework based framework). In the red circle, Trevi project manager Maarten is stretching after committing the newest Sphinx config files.

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  1. Out of curiosity, what did you add to or build on top of Zend Framework in TREVI. Anything you’re itching to contribute back to the project? ;)

    Comment by Wil Sinclair — 18. December 2007 @ 11:33

  2. Wil, I’m glad you’re asking. :) We mainly added or modified the following things:

    – Paddy’s Complex Views (http://blog.astrumfutura.com/archives/281-Complex-Web-Pages-with-the-Zend-Framework.html)
    – Front Controller / Routing modifications (unnamed arguments, etc.)
    – Database Abstraction (very thin for queries, more complex for ActiveRecords, fit for master/slave, sharding and caching architectures)
    – Improved caching (see http://techblog.tilllate.com/2007/11/30/caching-of-dynamic-data-sets/)
    – Sphinx Search implementation
    – Simplified ACL implementation with special Adapters for our (numerous) legacy permission systems
    – File Storage Abstraction
    – Image Handling
    – Modified Config with dot notation, overrides, etc.
    – Debugging and Profiling
    – And a lot more

    Leo and I are registered ZF developers. You can expect us to submit patches and proposals for the following:

    – Complex Views
    – Some unpleasant hardwired / tightly coupled things in the Controller and Loader components
    – Cache Versioning
    – Sphinx Search

    By the way: We’re about to release first parts of tilllate.com based on this new Trevi framework today.

    Comment by Maarten Manders — 18. December 2007 @ 12:16

  3. Very interesting! Can’t wait to see those patches/proposals. You’ll definitely want to catch up on Matthew’s plans for views, layouts, and forms for 1.5 if you haven’t already. All other components are areas that we haven’t invested much time in for 1.5, so if you submit them soon you’ll have as good a chance as any for acceptance in the next minor release after 1.5. In fact, there’s still time for inclusion in 1.5, although not much- the window for submitting major features is pretty much closing as we speak and minor features will probably stay open only a few more weeks. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you guys with.

    Comment by Wil Sinclair — 19. December 2007 @ 11:19

  4. Paddy wrote a sort of ‘endorsement’ of the view changes for 1.5 here: http://blog.astrumfutura.com/archives/328-Complex-Views-with-the-Zend-Framework-The-Final-Chapter-ZFE-and-Zend_Layout-released-to-Core!.html
    You’ll have to ask the man himself, but I believe the Zend_View enhancements and Zend_Layout supersede his complex views implementation. I have no idea how similar they are, since I haven’t gotten a chance to look at Paddy’s code yet.

    Comment by Wil Sinclair — 19. December 2007 @ 20:45

  5. RE: Zend_Layout/Zend_View Enhanced in the ZF svn tree: yes, they do supercede what Paddy has done, and he himself has said that he will only support the versions he has in his own svn tree for a few weeks more. Overall, the versions in the ZF tree offer more flexibility and functionality than his original versions.A

    Comment by Matthew Weier O'Phinney — 7. January 2008 @ 19:11

  6. >> Trevi project manager Maarten is stretching
    >> after committing the newest Sphinx config files

    He deserves it, I am using sphinx on my price comparison website http://www.preisomat.com/ which includes about 15,000,000 prices. I used to use mysql fulltext, but it was too slow and paging was not possible. Now even problematic one word queries which return huge result set are found and returned very fast: http://www.preisomat.com/s/sony.html – For everyone who has to search massive db’s and wants to stick to mysql (like me), sphinx is it very worth to be looked at. Then you also can strech ;)

    Comment by Yves Latour — 6. February 2008 @ 06:16

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