28. January 2008, 16:55, by Mario Rimann

Night shift: Server move

Moving all servers of tilllate.com in one night?

Maybe you’ve read our short announcement on the tilllate website last week: We were offline for some planned maintenance.

Lots of servers…

In detail, we moved all servers to a new cage in the datacenter. We like to give you some insight, of what happened after switching off the tilllate webservers. (more…)

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18. January 2008, 17:47, by Silvan Mühlemann

My favourite keyboard moves in Firefox

A weird keyboardI am a lazy guy. I hate moving my hand away from the keyboard to the mouse and back. So I try to use as much keyboard shortcuts as possible. Here’s 2 ways I improve my productivity by avoiding device switches in Firefox:

Keyboard shortcuts

Here’s my personal Top 5 of keyboard shortcuts:

1. Ctrl+L Move the focus to the location/URL field
2. Ctrl+K Move the focus to the search field
3. Ctrl+H Open the history
4. Ctrl+F / F3 Open the search. F3 repeats the last search
5. Ctrl+T Open a new tab

You’ll find a lot more useful shortcuts here

Keywords for your bookmarks

To access my bookmarks quickly I usually use Ctrl+L and then type a keyword. n is our Nagios problem overview. c is our confluence homepage.

Combined with the search variable %s I have extremely fast wikipedia searches (wiki foo) or translations from German to English (leoe fahrvergnügen).

How to set it up? micrux.net tells you more.

Thanks, Patrice, for showing me this. You helped me save hours switching between mouse and keyboard.

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7. January 2008, 08:39, by Leo Büttiker

Trevi is online!

Trevi FountainTrevi is not only a fountain in Italy, it’s our new application framework as well. We migrated our first pages to this new platform and brought them online three weeks ago. But let me explain the story of Trevi.

Another Framework?

There’re already thousands of web frameworks out there so I would sink into the ground if we really wrote another one. But serving pages for 2 million unique clients, it would also not have been a solution to just go to a shop and take the beautiful looking, nice boxed xyz framework from a big company. So my co-worker (and Trevi project lead) Maarten started a year ago to evaluate a framework that fits our needs best.

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5. January 2008, 22:16, by Leo Büttiker

Why paging needs a lot of performance

On the view of your database the worst thing you can do in your web app is paging. Paging is horrible in the view of performance. To explain let me make a little example:

        [... some more fields...]
FROM member_gold_guestbook gb
LEFT JOIN users u ON u.uid=gb.uid_from
[... some more left joins...]
WHERE gb.uid_to='22152'
AND visible='1'
LIMIT 0,10;

That’s not that bad at all, but when you go to page 300 your database server will hate you for this. The database server has not only to calculate the 10 items you want to show but also all 3000 previous items.

Sure you may argue nobody will ever go to page 300. Somebody will not, but “googlebot” and his evil brothers will. And the bad thing is that you can do nothing against it, as long as you need paging. There are just a few tricks that may reduce your server load a bit.


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