22. February 2008, 12:12, by Steven Varco

New DB Servers

Our Dell PowerEdge 2950 Servers for the new DB Cluster has just arrived and I’m very excited, unpacking them. ;-)

Boxed Servers

But before we start here a few specs:

  • 2x Quad-Core Xeon E5440 2.8GHz/2x6MN CPU
  • 32 GB 667 MHz RAM (8x4GB dual rank DIMMs)
  • 6x 146 GB SAS (15’000 rpm) HDDs (RAID10 configuration)
  • Integrated PERC 6/iR Raid Controller
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet

Opened box
Lets see what’s in the box

Opened server
Looks Nice! Let’s see what’s inside

Motherboard view
For the Motherboard enthusiasts, this one is for you

Quite well organized, but the interesting things are still covered… So I now open the shafts.
32 GB of RAM nicely lined up

Front view 1 Front view 2
After a few colleagues got attention to the open Hardware and a few minutes of watching so called “server porn” ;-) I lift up the Server. Time to make a front image (these six HDs are preconfigured as RAID 10):

Testing Centre (AKA Kitchen *g*)
After all, the first server now stands in our “testing room” and is ready for setup. In our case CentOS 5 will be running on it.

These servers will be our new DB-Cluster, which should improve DB performance significantly.

Experiences after the install and performance tests will follow…


  1. Unpack porn! How great’s that!

    Comment by Leo Büttiker — 25. February 2008 @ 09:10

  2. <–wants that too ;)

    looks nice!

    Comment by mix — 25. February 2008 @ 10:36

  3. Very nice – Those monsters should do a couple of thousand users…

    Comment by Nitek — 25. February 2008 @ 12:02

  4. @Nitek.. hope for millions users *gg*

    Comment by esandar — 28. February 2008 @ 16:23

  5. Ho my god, nice servers

    I would like 10 servers PowerEdge 2950 me too for my work’s :)

    Comment by Sammy.D — 28. February 2008 @ 16:46

  6. Wow Pretty sweet! I wish I had them! :D

    Comment by Ayerthon — 15. March 2008 @ 04:22

  7. How do you guys decide when it’s time to upgrade your dataase servers? What is the key factor?

    Comment by Ben — 17. March 2008 @ 23:08

  8. Are you now going away from the “each-webserver-a-mysqldatabase” version of the site with these babys?!

    Comment by ghost — 19. April 2008 @ 11:39

  9. @Ben: When they are slow! Well we do monitor a lot of metrics in Ganglia and when we see that the host gets very high load during peek time and response not well anymore it’s time to call Dell!
    @ghost: Hmm, yes that’s the plan (and we do it currently on some hosts). But this has not really something to do with this new babys, they are just a replacement for our masters that get a bit old now. In the near future we will seperate the webserver from the mysql slaves, a project that’s on our todo list for ages.

    Comment by Leo Büttiker — 20. April 2008 @ 19:15

  10. […] In may 2008, we evaluted a few server-configurations and finally decided for a Dell 2950, with which we already had good experience from the DB-Servers. […]

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