25. May 2008, 19:28, by Silvan Mühlemann

CTO’s Saturday Fun: Hackday!

A refreshing change from my daily routine as tilllate CTO (90% meeting, 10% coding) was my visit at the first Webtuesday Hackday yesterday (Hackday = “a day spent hacking with like minds”, as organizer Harry Fuecks defines it).


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20. May 2008, 11:11, by Leo Büttiker

tilllate.com is now all Zend Framework.

Trevi FountainWe made it! Last Friday we have replaced the last two legacy components with their Zend Framework based counterpart: The gallery an the user registration. The whole site tilllate.com is now running on Trevi, our extension of Zend Framework. With a reach of 2.5 million unique clients a month, tilllate.com is one of the world’s biggest installation of Zend Framework.

Ciprian, Ivan, Jia-Yong, Kevin, Leo, Riv, Roger, Sanja, Thilo, Vanja, Vladimir and project manager Maarten have done a wonderful job reverse engineering the old, smelly spaghetti code and refactoring everything in a clean and solid MVC architecture: 115’480 Lines of code (Thanks StatSVN).

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11. May 2008, 12:54, by Silvan Mühlemann

Unit test practice at tilllate.com

For now over three years we are working with unit tests. I’d like to share some of those experiences.

As we have two frameworks in place for our website, I can compare two different strategies for unit tests.

In our homemade legacy framework we were using SimpleTest. Mainly because I read PHP|Architect’s Guide to PHP Design Patterns and Simpletest was Jason‘s framework of choice.

We have a cron job running which runs all tests every hour. The results of the tests are being shown on a page. The results are also displayed in Nagios.


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