10. June 2008, 15:48, by Leo Büttiker

PHP @ OpenExpo

OpenExpoAt 24./25. of September 2008 there will be the OpenExpo in Winterthur. I will be in charge of the PHP booth. I am looking for PHP-Developers, -Evangelists and -Fanboys (and girls) to help me out.

It’s a great opportunity to help spread PHP, meet open source guys or just hang out with other cool PHP guys. Already on the boat are Harry Fuecks (webtuesday organizer, local-hero and PHP-Book-Author), Lukas Smith (PHP Core Dev and Database Expert), Chregu Stocker (PHP Core Dev, liip CEO and Founder), Silvan Mühlemann (PHP-Evangelist, tilllate CTO and Founder) and, well, me.

The plan is to have half day shifts with a lot of people that you might find some time to visit the other cool booths (like the typo3 one from my co-worker Mario) during your shift.

If you’re interested in helping out just leave a comment in the blog or send me a mail to:

echo str_rot13('yrb.ohrggvxre@gvyyyngr.pbz');

And by the way there is the hackcontest during the OpenExpo – a open source hacking competition. So it might be worth to register your open source project you are hacking on. The organizers are (as I heard) willing to fly your project crew into Switzerland.

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