29. August 2008, 16:55, by Steven Varco

Johnny Project: Filers arrived

The new filers for our Johnny Project* had just arrived and since our business has “quite a lot” to do with photos, I decided to do a little “unboxing fotostory” again. ;-)

The specs of these machines (per machine):

  • transtec CALEO 3U
  • Quad-Core XEON E5405, 2.0 GHz
  • 14 Seagate 1TB SATA-2 Disks, 7200 rpm
  • 2 Seagate 146 GB SAS Disk, 15’000 rpm

The three filers cleanly piled up, but still in the box

So, lets open the box!

Of course we all were excited about the inner values of those filers too, so we got them “prepared for surgery” (luckily we didn’t have to use a scalpel for that ;-) )

Some close-ups

As we can see, there would be “a little bit” of space for RAM extension… ;-)

View from the back…

…and from the front. -Looks cute indeed! ;-)

But whats even better than one server full of disks…?

Total Capacity: ~38 TB

The whole environment for our Johnny-Project in the lab.
Left: The Mogile Storage Nodes, Right: The Old new ASUS cache servers

*if you may wonder what’s that mysterious “Johnny Project” im talking about, stay tuned for further blog posts! -We will describe this at a later time. ;-)

14. August 2008, 16:45, by Steven Varco

Our new Mailserver

In the beginning of this year, we’ve decided to replace our old mail server, which was pretty at the end of its capacities, dealing with as “little” as 50’000 new mails (sent & received) DAILY for our 1500 mail users.
With also about 800’000 single mails stored, the old mail server ran out of disk space; we surely needed A LOT of disk space and even room for storage expansions.

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, 09:07, by Maarten Manders

Webtuesday Lightning Talk Slides

This week, there was another webtuesday with lightning talks in Zürich. Leo and I each did a little talk:

“StubidDB” by Leo

Leo still dreaming about dumber databases. His own creation StupidDB might sound familiar to you…

“I’m in Ur Browzerz…” by Maarten

Harry had the idea to locate your users based on their history. I tried it out, giving another 8 minutes of fame to an old and well-known hack. The slides can be found here.

7. August 2008, 18:42, by Maarten Manders

Static + Unit Tests = Arrrghhh!

All I needed to do was renaming Trevi_Auth to Tilllate_Auth. Sure, it affected some 41 files, but that’s nothing a little bit of search & replace can’t do. The big headache started when I ran the unit tests.

Shuffle Unit Tests = Fail.

It’s absolutely amazing how much you can mess up unit tests just by changing their order! (Trevi_* comes after Tilllate_*) Everyone knows that tests are supposed to be independent. But we all know how it is. People get lazy, mocks are complicated and testing is boring anyway. And don’t forget about that cool pattern called “Singleton” that we’ve all read about in an inflight magazine!

Punish Me!

Obviously we can’t do testing right without getting beaten with a stick. So where’s that stick? Is there a way to reset all static variables in PHP? Is there a PHPUnit hack that forks a separate PHP process for each test?

What is your solution to keep your tests from sticking together like spit ? I’m happy to learn about it!

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