14. August 2008, 09:07, by Maarten Manders

Webtuesday Lightning Talk Slides

This week, there was another webtuesday with lightning talks in Zürich. Leo and I each did a little talk:

“StubidDB” by Leo

Leo still dreaming about dumber databases. His own creation StupidDB might sound familiar to you…

“I’m in Ur Browzerz…” by Maarten

Harry had the idea to locate your users based on their history. I tried it out, giving another 8 minutes of fame to an old and well-known hack. The slides can be found here.


  1. Damn, I MUST attend the next webtuesday … I MUST

    Comment by Sebs — 14. August 2008 @ 12:04

  2. Some of the concepts you’ve mentioned with “StupidDB” are in CouchDB (http://incubator.apache.org/couchdb/), it might be worth a look.

    Comment by Robin Mehner — 14. August 2008 @ 14:35

  3. Thanks for you’re input Robin. We had a talk about CouchDB a while ago at webtuesday, it’s a realy cool system. But CouchDB does not look mature enough for production for me and saving allways the old version wastes a lot of diskspace if you don’t need them.

    Comment by leo — 15. August 2008 @ 09:20

  4. Hmmm, StupidDB sounds a *lot* like Amazon S3 (http://aws.amazon.com/s3). And the protocol is even HTTP.

    Comment by gerard — 15. August 2008 @ 17:46

  5. We’re just building our own StupidDB-alike Storage System.

    I’m really interested in brainstorming with Leo, how can I contact him?

    Comment by Stefan — 19. August 2008 @ 21:27

  6. @gerard: Well, yes! StupidDB is just much more stupid. Because it’s in a local net no security is needed and because of the high latency of the local net you can save even smaller objects.

    @stefan: It’s exactly what I did expect, sombody will implement it for me ;-). BTW you got mail.

    Comment by leo — 20. August 2008 @ 09:19

  7. […] durch einen Blogeintrag von tilllate.com letztes Jahr, entstand bereits vor einem Jahr die erste Version von StupidDB, welches bis zum […]

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  8. Finally the first Implementation…

    Comment by Stefan Koelle — 13. July 2009 @ 15:32

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