31. March 2009, 21:41, by Silvan Mühlemann

Job opening: Web developer (PHP / AJAX)

Are you enthusiastic about web technologies? Do you have strong PHP, Javascript and SQL skills? Would you like to work with a team of smart and passionate people? Are you open to advanced development methodologies like Scrum or Test Driven Development? Would you like help further develop one of the biggest Swiss website?

Then you should apply for a job at tilllate.com: Our team is looking for dedicated web developers. You’ll find more information in our job ad:

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17. March 2009, 23:33, by Silvan Mühlemann

Scrum: How we do Sprint Retrospectives

Four weeks have passed since the last sprint planning meeting. Sprint number two has come to an end. It’s time for the sprint retrospective.

The motivation for the sprint retrospective is:

  • Visualize the accomplishment – important for the team morale
  • Review any impediments and discuss measures on how to avoid them in the next sprint

Here’s how we are structuring the sprint retrospecives:

The set up

The team and the product owner are allocating one hour in the meeting room. We’re looking at the wall with the task board showing the user stories, the burn down chart and the impediment backlog. This is a big paper with a post it for every impediment encountered during the sprint. We collected the impediments during the bi-weekly scrum meetings (aka daily scrum).

Visualize the achievements

First, I go through all done user stories and say a few words about every story. Time for praising the team. Developers often think “we haven’t achieved anything”. So it’s important to visualize the finished user stories.


1. March 2009, 13:43, by Silvan Mühlemann

MVC for Javascript Controls

I recently had to take over an unfinished project. It was an AJAX control to select multiple friends as you can find it on Facebook.


“It’s 99% complete”, I was told. Yeah, right. I counted 2 story points (without looking at the code). Soon I knew I was too optimistic: Classes calling other classes without logic. Randomly named variables. Data, creation of DOM elements, AJAX calls spread all over the place:

Architecture before refactoring (dramatized)

Architecture before refactoring (dramatized)

That’s not going to be easy. To make things worse: I am a Javascript beginner. What I did up to now was procedural Javascript code.


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