18. September 2010, 09:43, by Silvan Mühlemann

ORM tool or handwritten SQL?

We recently had a discussion about whether to use an ORM tool or code the SQL manually. These are discussions like “Apple vs. Nokia” or “Spaces vs. Tabs“. Very emotional.

You should know that tilllate is using a self-made “ORM” tool: Our ORM framework maps table columns to object properties. But it is agnostic of relationships between tables. And when you want to write a complex query, you end up programming long lines of native SQL. Unreadable.


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8. September 2010, 09:42, by Silvan Mühlemann

Make them feel welcome

Recently a friend of mine had his first day of work with a new employer. The company was famous to be very employer-friendly. Surprisingly, my friend experienced the opposite: When he came, his boss was not around. No one told him what he had to do. An initial training was not announced. And when he wanted to go to lunch, he found himself alone in the office. He just felt lost at his new workplace. Bad start.

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