29. September 2007, 10:47, by Silvan Mühlemann

About techblog.tilllate.com

tilllate.com is the leading european online portal about nightlife and clubbing. Every month tilllate attracts over 2mil unique clients, generates 125 million page impressions, and adds 6 million photos. tilllate.com presently manages more than 1400 photographers and engages over 30 full time employees in European cities such as Paris, London, Istanbul, Barcelona, Köln

High Tech drives Big Business: tilllate.com’s ever growing infrastructure presently includes 48 servers, 501 database tables, 250′000 lines of code, PHP5, AJAX, MySQL5, JSON, XSL, Zend Framework, and a team of 13 developers and engineers who maintain our applications and IT infrastructure. Posting great party pictures on-line is only one reason why tilllate.com is the number one in the world. To maintain our position requires cutting edge features, a fast website and the best dedicated IT team possible.

This blog should give a view behind the scenes of the leading european lifestyle publication on the internet. Tipps about web technologies and development. “Lessons from the LAMP generation” as popular PHP developer and author Harry Fuecks calls it.

Some people think tilllate is an open source CMS and a few photos in a database table. These people are wrong. It’s a bit more sophisticated. We’ll prove it to you with this blog.

Have fun!

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