29. August 2008, 16:55, by Steven Varco

Johnny Project: Filers arrived

The new filers for our Johnny Project* had just arrived and since our business has “quite a lot” to do with photos, I decided to do a little “unboxing fotostory” again. ;-)

The specs of these machines (per machine):

  • transtec CALEO 3U
  • Quad-Core XEON E5405, 2.0 GHz
  • 14 Seagate 1TB SATA-2 Disks, 7200 rpm
  • 2 Seagate 146 GB SAS Disk, 15’000 rpm

The three filers cleanly piled up, but still in the box

So, lets open the box!

Of course we all were excited about the inner values of those filers too, so we got them “prepared for surgery” (luckily we didn’t have to use a scalpel for that ;-) )

Some close-ups

As we can see, there would be “a little bit” of space for RAM extension… ;-)

View from the back…

…and from the front. -Looks cute indeed! ;-)

But whats even better than one server full of disks…?

Total Capacity: ~38 TB

The whole environment for our Johnny-Project in the lab.
Left: The Mogile Storage Nodes, Right: The Old new ASUS cache servers

*if you may wonder what’s that mysterious “Johnny Project” im talking about, stay tuned for further blog posts! -We will describe this at a later time. ;-)

18. January 2008, 17:47, by Silvan Mühlemann

My favourite keyboard moves in Firefox

A weird keyboardI am a lazy guy. I hate moving my hand away from the keyboard to the mouse and back. So I try to use as much keyboard shortcuts as possible. Here’s 2 ways I improve my productivity by avoiding device switches in Firefox:

Keyboard shortcuts

Here’s my personal Top 5 of keyboard shortcuts:

1. Ctrl+L Move the focus to the location/URL field
2. Ctrl+K Move the focus to the search field
3. Ctrl+H Open the history
4. Ctrl+F / F3 Open the search. F3 repeats the last search
5. Ctrl+T Open a new tab

You’ll find a lot more useful shortcuts here

Keywords for your bookmarks

To access my bookmarks quickly I usually use Ctrl+L and then type a keyword. n is our Nagios problem overview. c is our confluence homepage.

Combined with the search variable %s I have extremely fast wikipedia searches (wiki foo) or translations from German to English (leoe fahrvergnügen).

How to set it up? micrux.net tells you more.

Thanks, Patrice, for showing me this. You helped me save hours switching between mouse and keyboard.

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